We offer you an intensive introduction training ‘Doing Business in Europe’

If you start doing business in Europe, it isn’t always easy. A short 2 or 3-day intensive introduction training will definitly set you on track. BusinessClass Europe prepares you to be successful in doing business in Europe.

About the training


The method of the training is interactive with a focus on participation. It deepens your knowledge and insights you have on the European markets and it practices your attitude and skills for effective communication. In that sense, it is a true European style training.


For Who

Entrepreneurs, Exporters, SME’s, Export managers, investors in upcoming countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia and India who want to start doing business in Europe or already started but need more indepth knowledge and practise their skills.



BusinessClass Europe provides a 3 day Training in Europe, for example in the capital of the European Union: Brussels and a 2 day training in one of the emerging countries such as China. This can be an incompany training or an open training.

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